Giving back to our First Responders

Back on Memorial Day May 25th my fiancé and I arranged a Marathon (him being the runner and I being the one handling the social media side of things) to raise money so we could provided meals for our first responders. Having raised almost $5000 we have been able to connect with Daves Bar and Grill of Warwick RI (bagged lunches) along with Stop and Shop of Newport (drinks) to bring these lunches to the Warwick Police and Fire Departments as our 1st food delivery.

The 2nd food delivery was today to Kent Hospital (250 meals!!!!) for the hospital staff. For those of you that know me I love to cook (along with the rest of my family members). Having food allergies myself I understand it can be a bit of an uphill battle at first with figuring out what you can or cannot eat, which is why I offered to jump in on the catering side and made 25 Gluten/Dairy free boxed lunches that were more on the wholefood plant based side. Plus it’s give me an opportunity to be creative with the meals I was preparing for others to eat.

The rest of the meals were catered by Daves Bar & Grill. Overall it was an amazing day and we are super happy to give back to those who have been busting their butts especially these last few months.

Stay tuned for more to come as we are not done with our mission to give back. WE LOVE YOU FIRST RESPONDERS!!!!

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