2013 Updates-Events & Mobile Massage

Good day everyone! I just wanted to make note of a couple of things happening. The first is that this year myself and as well as some of my fellow graduates from Bancroft will be Volunteering at the Boston Marathon for Pre and Post Event Massage. If anyone is interested in receiving massage in conjunction with their training please feel free to call me as we could come up with a treatment plan to meet your needs to keep those muscles loose before and during your event. In addition at the end of the Summer we’ll also be doing Post massage for the riders of the Pan Mass Challenge at Mass Maritime Academy. The great thing about the volunteering is that it’s free for you and it gives us (the Massage Therapist) an opportunity to meet lots of wonderful people at both of these events. I’m currently working 2 days a week for a Health Club (no you do not need a membership to receive massage when booking an appointment), while 1 day a week I offer home visits to make it more convenient for others. The other announcement, which was just noted, is that I’ve just began to offer home visits for people. I know how busy life can get or maybe there is a reason you couldn’t leave your home due to IE an injury. I’d be more than happy to explain and work out the logistics of this if anyone is interested. Again feel free to contact me if you would like to work together or if you have any questions. If you think someone would benefit from this please feel free to forward them my information as well.

Have a great day everyone!

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