Who takes care of the people who tend to our loved ones when they are
sick, or are suffering from an ailment other than sickness such as
surgery or injuries? Doctors, nurses, family members, friends,
assisted living personnel, etc. At first it may seem easy pending the
situation but as time progresses it may feel a little overwhelming.
Take the example of a person who has to tend to a family member who is
very sick. The sick person may be getting treated for their ailment but who takes care of the caretakers??? To help other people sometimes it means that you need to take care of yourself during the process. You could treat yourself to a swedish massage treatment which helps to relax a person, or even seek out other things such as acupuncture or yoga. From a massage therapist stand point I try to make it appoint to seek regular massage treatments to balance out the work load of clients whom I work on. There are no set of standards as
to how much and how often you should do these alternative forms of therapy, but I will say it pends on how much you are doing and when YOU feel like you need it to maintain that happy balance in your life.

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