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Since I was younger I’ve always had this burning desire to help people out whenever I could.  It was apparent to me after receiving my first massage that my first thoughts were “Oh man if i could make everyone feel like the way i just did after this treatment boy oh boy that would be super rewarding!!”  So in 2010 I set out to begin my schooling at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA to become a Massage Therapist. In March 2012 I graduated from there pursing further massage skills such as Orthopedic Massage, Craniosacral, Structural Relieve Therapy (SRT), Cupping, and many more to give me more options in my toolbox to work with when working with an array of clientele.

The other life changing event for me was when I was experiencing some major seasonal allergy issues back in 2007, it prevented me from being outside for no longer than 30 minutes.  Who wants to stay inside during the summer months!@?  Not this lady!  After getting some suggestions from my Primary Care Doctor on over the counter drugs I could take to help get rid of the symptoms I sat down and thought long and hard as to figuring out a way to get to the core of my issue without having to mask the seasonal allergy problem I was having.  My massage therapist friend suggested a Holistic Nutritionist that they had wonderful results with.  Shortly after seeing them (with some suggested diet modifications and suggested supplements) I was back up and running 100% within a week.  This really opened up my eyes to how we can really heal ourselves by making simple changes.  Yet another reason why i wanted to further my career and do something that could help folks walk a new path with open eyes not just for a temporary fix but something that would be long lasting.  This is why I took up health coaching in addition to my Massage Therapy career is to make it more of a well rounded practice.  In October 2018 I became a Certified Health Coach, and because I’m thirsting for more knowledge I’m currently enrolled at the School of Applied Functional Medicine to earn my certification of becoming a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

My personal belief is that everything in my life happens for a reason (good experiences, sporting/personal related bodily injuries, and health related issues).  What I’m bring to the table is my personal knowledge and journey coupled with my education to help others not only feel better but get better.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email or call me.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website!!

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