About Me

Since I was younger I’ve always had this need to work with my hands so I set out to work in the family restaurant business cooking while balancing my studies during high school. As the years went on I attended a college in Boston for Engineering, still maintain my place cooking at my cousin’s restaurant. Upon graduating college with my engineering degree I slowly began to realize that maybe this wasn’t the right direction for me as I wasn’t as passionate to pursue this career as, let’s say, being a Massage Therapist. Shortly after my college graduation in 2004 I landed a job in the Telecommunications field giving me the opportunity of getting over my fear of speaking in front of large crowds because as we all know that can be a little nerve racking, and this also provided me the chance to socialize with people from all different backgrounds. Now at this point I remember looking for a local place to get a massage to see what it was all about. In doing so I met a wonderful Massage Therapist whom, after our first treatment together, made me start reconsider what it is I want to do “when I grow up….” I literally thought when I walked out from my treatment “Oh man if I could make people feel as good as this it would be the most rewarding thing E-V-E-R!”

Over the next few years I felt torn about what direction I should go in because going back to school was a huge commitment time wise and financially. It wasn’t until 2009 that I started looking into a school to attend. One of which was a school in Worcester, Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, that I absolutely fell in love with from the facility to the faculty. So as it turns out by Sept 2010 I enrolled as a student to pursue a career in Massage Therapy. It was there that I began to realize how much I love the fact that I can help people. I can truly say with every fiber of my being is that if it wasn’t for the solid foundation built by my instructors I wouldn’t be the person and Massage Therapist that I am today. I consider myself a sponge and try to absorb anything and everything life has to offer. One of my instructors had mentioned that the great thing about the massage profession is there are many avenues to pursue and we are the “eternal student” ever ready to learn and take in new skills.

After graduating in March 2012, I have a deeper appreciation for all that massage therapy can do for a person whether it’s mentally, physically or spiritually; after having a few injuries myself it made me want to learn that much more on how to help people injured or not. I’m currently in the process of becoming an Orthopedic Certified Massage Therapist as well as getting Certified in Craniosacral Therapy to add onto the modalities I have already learned. During treatment, I typically combine different modalities (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports, Orthopedic, Craniosacral) together based on the client’s needs/wants.  I’m available 2 nights a week at a Health Club I work for.  Additionally if you are interested in Corporate Chair Massage for your organization I do offer that as well, which is a nice way to break up the work day for yourself and your employee’s.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email or call me.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website.